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Ren, the Philippines

Your book made me feel alive. The main character, AJ, experienced physical and emotional pains and I think without those things in life - we will feel more like merely existing. It also made me feel sad on some parts I can relate with but in general, it was a great book.

Reema, India

An interesting read. It's easy to visualize every sentence. It makes you want to drop everything, pick up your bag, and start traveling. Very difficult to put down once you start reading 🙂

Michelle, CA, USA

While this is not the type of story I would pick up personally, it was incredibly intriguing and well written. The epilogue about ate my heart out, though.

Marie, AZ, USA

I must say you did a great job writing the story. It is very interesting and captivating. I had a good time reading it. I meant I really enjoyed reading the story. Once I started reading it, I could hardly stop to take a break.

Not in a Million Years

A LAW STUDENT living a fast-paced life between midterms. He’s jumpy and bounces around all over the place. Ever since he got burned on his arms and back in his teens he has to be; he simply can’t not live life.

DURING THREE SUMMERS he picks up jobs in England and North America waiting tables to pay for his tuition back home in the Netherlands, the land of windmills and dykes. The next summer and winter are spent differently — all over Europe — but are by no definition less intense.

ALONG THE WAY, friendships are built, girls are encountered, and sometimes … lips touch. But as they say, if you play the game, expect to get tackled — and down he eventually goes, scrambling to make sense of it all.

Don’t be afraid to create your own dreams. Those that do not dream, do not really live.

Maverick's first novel
Maverick's first novelNot in a Million Years

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