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AJ's first novel.
A LAW STUDENT living a fast-paced life between midterms. He’s jumpy and bounces around all over the place. Ever since he got burned on his arms and back in his teens he has to be; he simply can’t not live life.

DURING THREE SUMMERS he picks up jobs in England and …

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What the readers are saying:

Reema, India

An interesting read. It’s easy to visualize every sentence. It makes you want to drop everything, pick up your bag, and start traveling. Very difficult to put down once you start reading 🙂

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Author, blogger, entrepreneur, nomad, and student of Mandarin ChineseLong story short, I went to law school back in the day, but didn’t end up practicing. Instead I stepped out in the big world going places. And somehow … I’ve made it all work.

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